Submission Guidelines

Now for the fun stuff.

We take first person short stories up to 6,500 words of any genre. Please submit your work in Standard Manuscript Formatting. (Google it if you’re not sure what that is: William Shunn is your go to.)

Submit by email only to:

Just put, “Submission,” in the subject line and address it, “To the editor”

We ask for First Rights as we are a digital publication but aim to publish a year-in-review print edition for 2020 if there is enough reader interest. If said interest is fulfilled each contributor will receive a PDF copy. We cannot offer pay at this time. Me First Magazine respects all authors and is working hard to get at least a token payment implemented.

Previously published work can be considered as long as the author holds the rights. Simultaneous submissions and multiple submissions are accepted but please inform us if your work is picked up by another publisher first.

We’re not opposed to pushing the envelope but hate child molesters, misandry, misogyny, and animal abuse. Do NOT test us on this. Freedom of speech is very dear to Me First Magazine, but so is intelligence and decency.